Digital Marketing Myths

Digital Marketing Myths

Do you have a Digital Marketing plan in place? A strong marketing plan with clear objectives and goals can bust any myths which have been floating in the market. We understand that too much information can be quite overwhelming and that’s exactly where we come in.

Stay calm, We have got you. Lets together go through the top digital Marketing Myths and bust them one by one.

So are you ready?

Myth # 1

CTR determines everything

Not always!

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Click Through Rate is the metric to measure how many people clicked on your ad and landed on your website/landing page/homepage. Though it may be a good indicator of the quality of the advertisement by the increased visitors on the site, but it does not measure an overall response to an ad.and the number of conversions.

It is definitely an important component to measure Marketing Attribution but it surely needs other metrics to add value to the analysis.

Myth  # 2

Negative reviews are bad news

We say: Bring them on!!

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Any review is better than none at all. It shows that your customers are actively engaged with your product/service. If people have something to say, please listen to them. Respect their opinion and address their concerns, if any. This goes a long way in building a brand and nurturing your company’s reputation. Use this situation to your advantage. You may offer free samples or a complimentary service and win them back. The fact they are complaining directly to you means they want to be heard and are seeking a solution. Hear them out before others listen to the story and form an opinion.

Remember everyone is watching.  And so are we. We will take care of your Online Presence , make sure that you maintain the brand image and reach your goals and manage your customers.

Myth # 3

Email is a thing of the past


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Remember there is a gap in your Marketing Plan if your Email Marketing Campaign is not generating sales. The most important metric in Email marketing is Sales. An email campaign can be personalised, it is cost effective and is one of the best ways to reach out to the desired target audience.

Myth # 4

SEO  is Dead

In fact, it’s alive and kicking!

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To make this statement is like closing your eyes and saying that the whole world is sleeping. You cannot dismiss it if you do not know it. SEO is a reality. Choosing the appropriate Keywords and creating strong meta description work in your favour and improve the search rankings. SEO combined with strong Digital Marketing strategy and great content is a lethal weapon, you may not want to miss.

Let’s wage a war and win it hands down.

Myth # 5

Digital Marketing is for only big businesses

Far from the truth!

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Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. It is the success prompt of the industry. The size and type of the industry,  target audience and the target markets will determine the strategy and the social media platforms used. For instance, the B2B technical service company may look at Facebook. Twitter and Linked In. On the other hand, a local fashion brand, personal service like a restaurant, beauty service may use Pinterest, Instagram along with Facebook. The trick is to find the right combination of Social Media Marketing.

Myth # 6

Creative: Once done: Job done

Keep Evolving. Keep Creating.

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Content will always remain the king. Creating meaningful content is a continuously evolving process.

It is the first point of contact between you and your customer. Be it reaching your customers through video, social, website, email etc., everything needs a good content and a great Content Marketing Strategy.

Whatever you read- someone would have created it to suit you. You can’t have any old content displayed but one that is streamlined to your goals, audience and services. Simplicity and effectiveness is the key.

Myth # 7

Larger Traffic means Larger Sales

Wake up: We need no traffic jams!

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We definitely need higher but relevant traffic. At the end of the day, we need to see how many conversions have happened. Did they click on CTA? Did they read the blog? Did they fill up the form or answered the questionnaire? In short, did they do what our content was designed to direct them to do?

We need to define the target audience and the geography. A person sitting in the US will not come to a local ice cream parlour in the UK to have an ice cream! Local Digital Marketing Agency in UK will understand the local UK market. Hand it over to the experts.

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