Top 4 tips to connect with ​the customer!

Top 4 tips to connect with ​the customer!

Did you know the first SMS was sent 25 years ago? Ever since there has been no looking back: From personal messages to business texts, people are using SMS for almost every kind of message. It’s no surprise then, that, SMS Marketing has gained a strong foothold in the marketing industry.

Will SMS Marketing weaken or is it for keeps? Let’s find out.

5 billion people are using a mobile phone in 2018!! Whilst SMS seems to be the simplest way of reaching out but we need to know whether its actually having an impact and how so?

1. Connect and Respect!

That’s the evergreen rule of any relationship: business or personal. Isn’t it?

Knowing your customers well is of the utmost importance in SMS Marketing. We need to ask ourselves whether the customer is comfortable receiving text messages. 

Be sure to get the customers’ permission before sending them a series of messages. Do not bombard the customers with messages which will force them to block your mobile number. Respect their time and interests and ask them about their preferences. 

Did you know that in the age group of 18-34, 77% of customers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability?

Know your customers’ requirements, needs and schedule. Send them SMS when you know they’ll not be busy at work and the message will not go unnoticed or unread. After all, we want to make sure that the message is read and the action is taken. It’s not only about opening the message. 

2. Lone is now Gone!

iNNovate and wiN!

Integrate your SMS Marketing strategy with the other social media platforms. Everything should work in tandem. Innovation is the key. The more we creatively integrate the social media platforms and Digital Marketing tools, the more will be the reach and chances of winning over the customer’s heart. WhatsApp is another emerging smart way to reach out to your customers.

SMS can be a reminder of your email campaign series. It can encourage the customer to visit your website and take the desired call to action. You can also share a link for much-needed customer feedback which will help in designing a future SMS Marketing strategy.

3. The 160 Weapon!

Use it with Caution!

Remember there is a maximum of 160 characters available for SMS. Each character needs to be used effectively. Every text is an opportunity to make a connection with your customer. there is no room for wastage. Every SMS should deliver a razor-sharp message to its target audience. 

The messages should be personalised to create more involvement and interest. Younger and older generations need a different tone of voice to be communicated with. They need different incentives and offers. SMS Marketing strategy/campaign should be designed keeping this in mind.

There can also be inbuilt contests which will keep the customer ever curious and keen to open the message and read it. You can also have a texting referral reward. 

You can also use SMS Marketing for account notifications: banks and appointment reminders: medical industry, booking confirmation: travel and hospitality industry.

It takes the right skill and expertise to make the best use of the weapon in hand. SMS Marketing, like any other Digital Marketing tools, requires continuous honing of skills to master it. 

4. The GDPR factor!

Are you GDPR compliant? 

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the framework of specific regulations for customer data protection. Enforced on 25th May 2018, it makes sure that the privacy of the customer is maintained and there is no misuse of SMS marketing. The company/ business is required to take the necessary permission from the customer to send out the messages. Moreover, there should be a choice given to the customer to opt out of the SMS list.

The customer has the right to file a complaint against the company if it has violated any of the regulations. The business can face legal action if it is proved guilty. According to, ‘An organization in breach of GDPR laws will be fined up to 4 percent of annual global turnover or 20 million euros ($24.6 million), whichever is bigger‘.

So are you on the right side of GDPR ? A million euro question: literally!

My take?

Just go for it!

I believe SMS Marketing is here to stay. It’s convenient for people to read on their mobiles, get desired information instantly and act accordingly. 

As I said earlier it takes continuous effort, practice, a thorough industry & customer know how to master SMS marketing. The best way? Well, team up with the experts in SMS Marketing and Digital Marketing and create the winning solution!

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